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Photos Made New grew out of my love for two hobbies. I have always loved to paint. I started painting with oils in high school. Now I paint with pixels! My second love is genealogy.

About twenty years ago I started researching my family history. I got out the two boxes of family photos that I had inherited from my parents. There they were! Hundreds of faded, stained, creased and even torn photos. All those old photos in need of photo restoration. And so it began. I started restoring  - and I restored and restored! After I restored my vintage photos and faded snapshots, I turned to friends and relatives. As I recently told a  friend,  "I restored EVERYTHING!"

Finally in 2009, after a few years of this, I decided to turn my hobby into a part-time business with plans to do even more photo restoration when I retired. Now, I am retired! So, I can devote all my time to restoring old photos, and I could not be happier.

These old worn photos are so special to me. They are a connection to our ancestors, and the newer photos are our memories! It is important to make these photos as beautiful as they once were. 

I hope you will allow me to restore your vintage photos or make one of your "younger" photos look new again. Generations to come will be glad you did! Today's photos papers and inks are acid free, so your restored photos will not crumble and fade like your vintage photos have.

Send me your photos and I will send you a beautiful restoration!


...I would like the woman to be eliminated from the picture and the man enhanced and centered as a single portrait.

I received my Dad's pictures today...You did a FABULOUS job, simply FABULOUS....
Honestly, I was in tears when I saw his picture. You are truly a gifted person.

I am amazed at the quality of the restoration. Lynn has the touch of an artist and not the antiseptic feel of a technician. I highly recommend.

Beyond a doubt the best photo restoration work. I am still in awe at the fabulous work done on my old photos by Photos Made New. I cannot pick a favorite of mine that has been restored because they are all my favorites. of these men in the photo that you just finished, was my step-father. We just recently found the picture "buried" in other things. Now we can preserve part of his legacy for our children and grandchildren. This is absolutely great work! 

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