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Photo Restoration Gallery

Vintage Photo Restoration Services

Our photo restoration services range from simple restoration, to moderate restoration,
 to extensive restoration of more extreme damage.

Simple Photo Restoration includes dust removal, color and contrast correction from years of fading and removal of minor scratches and blemishes. Prices range from $25 to $50.

Vintage Photo Repair of Faded Photo

This photo had been in an old photo album for about eighty years before if it was rescued
 and restored. We also cropped it to enlarge the photo of the little girl.
This photo restoration is shown in sepia and black and white finishes.

Photo Restoration Faded 1910 Photo Repair

This photo is from about 1910. We kept the matting for this restoration because it has such pretty detailing.

Moderate Photo Restoration and Photo Repair includes the removal of moderate scratches, stains, repair of moderate fading and discoloration, repair of worn and tattered edges, repair of moderate creases and blemishes without missing pieces. Prices range from $50 to $85.

Photo Restoration of creased photo

This 1910 photo was creased and faded. It has now been restored and we can  see
how beautiful this grandmother was.

Photo Repair of Faded Photo

This photo was stained, faded and molded.
This couple has been restored to their original beauty.

Photo Restoration of Large Group

The 1900 family reunion is still being enjoyed today.
This restoration not only restored the people,
but the house had some repair work too.

Extensive Photo Restoration is the repair of more severely damaged photos or significant changes to a photo.  It includes extreme photo repair,  the removal of objects or people, taking one or more people out into their own photo, reconstruction of missing areas and the combination of two or more photos. The cost of this category is based on the service required and the condition of the original.
Photo Repair - torn photo

This photo had been in an old family album for many years. It was cracked, torn and taped. It was in sad shape. Now this couple's four daughters each have a beautiful picture of mom and dad to cherish. 

Photo restoration Editing to Create Portrait from group
This photo of a mother and her daughters is from about 1925.
This restoration was done for a client that wanted to give her cousin a photo of his
mother  as a child. She also wanted a separate photo of their grandmother. 
We restored the original photo and created two separate photos.

This crumpled photo of a client's parents from the late 1940's
was restored to it's original beauty.

Photo Enhancing change background image
This client wanted her beautiful sister's photo to be restored and she hoped her sister
could be surrounded by a beautiful setting instead of digging in the dirt.
She now has a photo enhanced beyond it's original beauty!

Photo Editing portrait from group photo

This is a precious little girl and her brother, but her family wanted a photo of just
the little girl - their mom. We took her out of the original and made a beautiful photo
of her that is now framed and displayed in her children's homes.

Photo Restoration removed person and created photo

This is the town's fire department. We restored the photo of the firefighters and
 took one of the firemen out into his own photo. 

Photo Repair replace missing area

This is the store in Decatur, Georgia where my grandfather worked as a young man.
It was terribly faded and part of it was missing. The restored photo is now a family treasure.

Tin Types- Many people have tin types of their ancestors and would like to have them restored. Tin types can be digitally restored and and made into a beautiful photo that can be framed and displayed. The original tin type is not changed in any way.  

This is an example of restored tin types that were damaged
in a fire. The photos date from the 1870's and were tinted.

This is a tinted tintype from the same era. 

Do you have old documents that you would like to frame or include in a Family Album?  Documents can also be restored. We will be happy to quote a price for your document restoration.

Photo Restoration of Document

This deed was signed in 1767. It is brittle and torn, but such a treasure.
The restored version still has the old, worn look. it can be framed
or included in a family history album.

Photo Restoartion of Pages

These Bible pages are from about 1870.
The Bible was lost in a fire and only these pages were saved.
They have been enhanced and can now be framed or added to a heritage album.

Our photo restoration services are completely guaranteed. The cost of your restoration can not be accurately estimated until we have seen the original image. The finished results will depend on the quality of that image. You will be given a quote before work begins and no payment will be required until you approve the restoration project and the price. See our Pricing for more details.
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