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Photo Restoration Gallery 2

Photo Repair and Photo Enhancement is not just for your vintage photos! Pictures from the early days of color photography often fade and turn strange and unattractive colors. We often have new photos that need a little "fixing." Perhaps someone needs to be added to a picture, two or more pictures need to be combined, or we want to take someone out of a photo. Scroll through the examples below to see what can be done to make your photos beautiful. If you don't see an answer to your problem, contact us. We can probably improve your photo!

1956 Color Photo Restoration

Photo Enhancement

This little girl's photo has been restored and she is now as beautiful as she was in 1956.

Photo Restoration and Colorization

This photo was made in about 1947. The photo was restored and colorization now
 the flowers are pink and the dress is blue, just as it was so many years ago. 

  Photo Enhancement - Color Correction and Background Replacement


This snapshot was made at a wedding. We enhanced this photo by removing the man in the background and giving the photo a new background.
We also corrected the color and added some highlights.

Photo Enhancement


This daughter, now all grown up, carries this photo of her favorite fellow in her purse.
Now she has a brighter version to carry and a 5x7 to display in her home.

Sunny Again

Photo Enhancement

This 1979 faded photo was enhanced and brightened. The faded color was restored.
Now the day at the beach is sunny again.

Photo Repair
Object Removal and Color Correction 

Photo Repair

This little boy was so excited about playing in the snow. By repairing and enhancing the photo
we have a photo that shows that excitement. This repaired photo will be a treasured record of
the day it snowed at his southern home.
Two Photos Combined 

Photos Combined

There was not a good picture with grandma and grandson paying attention to the tree.
Combining two photos gave us a special photo of the fun we had decorating the tree.

Remove Person or Object From a Picture

Just a picture of a boy and his grandma, please...

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