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Photo Restoration Pricing

Photo restoration and retouching is a subjective art. Some photos appear at first glance to be extremely damaged. In reality, they require a moderate restoration. It is impossible to give a quote without first seeing the photo or a scan of the photo. Work will not begin until the quote has been approved and the work to be done is confirmed. 

How To Get Your Restoration Started

For a photo restoration, photo enhancement or photo repair quote, scan your photo on your printer's scanner. Scan the photo as a PHOTO - not a document- and email the scan to:

Or, if you are in the Atlanta area, call Photos Made New to arrange to bring your photos to us in Tucker, Georgia or for mailing instructions.


Be sure to select PHOTO on your scanner. We cannot restore a photo scanned as a document.

If you cannot scan your photo, any Kinko or office supply type store
will be able to scan it for you.

We will return your quote by e-mail within three days.

If you have questions, send us an email. We are happy to help you. 

You will be able to view your photo restoration online and approve the work before payment is made. Payment can be made though PayPal, or a check or money order can be mailed to our address.

We will email a digital version of your photo to you . Most photo finishing shops can print your photos. If you prefer, your restored photos can be printed and mailed to you. You will only be charged the actual cost of printing, plus shipping. 

Photo Restoration Prices

Minor Photo Restoration - $25.00-$50.00
Moderate Photo Restoration - $50.00-$85.00
Major Photo Restoration - Prices depend upon the condition of the photograph and the severity of the damage.

See examples or our categories in
 Restoration Gallery I

Restoration Gallery II.
Document Reconstruction

Document repair and reconstruction is based on the condition of the document. 

Third Party Photo Printing Price

We can arrange printing  for you.
Finishes from gloss or matte to canvas are available. A variety of sizes from small prints
to very large prints are available.

 The condition of your photo must be
considered when choosing a size.

Printing cost varies and is
based on your choices. We charge only our cost, with no markup. 
Shipping charges and tax (if applicable)
will also  apply.

Examples of Photo Printing Prices
Glossy or Matte 
5x7 - $1.00
8x10 - $2.00
11x14 $13.99
8x10 - $39.99


Upon completion of your approved restoration, we will send you and invoice via email. It will contain a link so you can pay through PayPal.


Solution Graphics

If you prefer, we will provide an invoice by mail and you can pay by check or money order.

In the case of a check, the restored photo
will not be mailed to you until ten days

A Day at the Beach in 1925

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